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  • 紙膠帶拼貼孔廟  免費手作教學

    Collage Class

    Taipei's Confucius Temple will be offering free collage classes through May and June. (CNA)

  • 桐花片片

    The Tung Blossoms Arrive

    Tung blossoms, associated with Taiwan's Hakka culture, have begun blooming in Taiwan. (CNA)

  • 大甲媽祖回鑾安座(2)

    Mazu Madness

    Devotees of the sea goddess Mazu vie to touch her shrine as the nine-day, eight-nine festival dedicated to her at a famous temple in Dajia, Taichung comes to an end. (CNA)

  • 民團籲解放蛋雞(2)

    Free the Chickens!

    Animal rights activists urge the Council of Agriculture to reduce mistreatment of egg-laying hens in this photo taken Wednesday. (CNA)

  • 勞工們工作情形

    Hard at work

    Construction workers in Taiwan. (CNA)

  • 台女性攝影展倫敦首展獲好評

    A Narrative of Light and Shadow

    Female photographers from Taiwan open an exhibit at the Charing Cross Library in London. (CNA)

  • 捕獲第1鮪漁船進港(1)

    Great catch

    Fishermen caught 2 black tunas over 200 kgs each. (CNA)

  • 學生離場 員警仍不得閒(1)

    Still on duty

    Even after the Sunflower Student Movement left the legislature, protestors continue to demonstrate outside. (CNA)

  • 2014 馬總統與華府智庫CSIS視訊會議_英文版

  • Interview with Wawa, rock singer of Taiwan

  • 三太子愛臺灣啦!

Chinese to Go

Broadcast dates: 2014-04-17 00:00:00 Host: Huang Shih-han

Broadcast dates: April 17

Host: Huang Shih-han




A: 你火開太大了啦!

nǐ huǒ kāi tài dà le la

(Literally: You fire to open too big!)

The heat is too high!



cài dōu yào shāo jiāo le

(Literally: Vegetables all will burn!)

You’re burning the vegetables!


B: 你外行人不懂啦,

nǐ wài háng rén bù dǒng la

(Literally: You outside of trade people not understand.)

You don’t know what you’re talking about!



wǒ cóng xiǎo jiù huì zhǔ fàn

(Literally: I since little already knew cooking rice.)

I’ve been cooking since I was a child



hěn nèi háng de li

(Literally: Very inside the trade!)

so I’m an expert!


A: 內行人也有失誤的時候啊,

nèi háng rén yě yǒu shī wù de shí hòu a

(Literally: Inside the trade people also have mistake time.)

Even experts sometimes make mistakes.




你 nǐ

you (singular)


火 huǒ

fire; heat


開 kāi

to open; to turn on


太 tài



大 dà

big; strong; high


了 le

1)      a particle used to intensify the adjective before it

2)      a particle is used to indicate a change of state





都 dōu



要 yào

to be going to


燒焦 shāo jiāo

to burn


外行 wài háng

(literally “outside of the trade”) uninitiated; not an expert


人 rén

person; people


不 bù/bú

no; not


懂 dǒng

to know


我 wǒ

I; me


從小 cóng xiǎo

since childhood





會 huì

to know how to do something


煮飯 zhǔ fàn

to cook (rice)


很 hěn



內行 nèi háng

(literally “in the trade”) to be an expert in something; to be very good at something


也 yě



失誤 shī wù

to miss; to make a mistake


時候 shí hòu


Mandarin Speech Contest for Foreign Nationals
How to make good use of warehouse space

Like the way Taipei turned a warehouse into good use. An old tobacco factory dating back to 1937 was transformed into the Songshan Cultural Park not far from the posh Hsinyi District with its luxury malls, brand name shops, and five-star restaurants and hotels. One of the several warehouses on the premise is turned into a big, semi serve-yourself restaurant with a touch of modern art. The name is Xiao Shan Tang.










The restaurant actually cooperated with probably the most famous contemporary Chinese glassware studio in Taiwan, Liuligongfang, hence the artsy style.






























Seeing how fancy the restaurant’s decor is, I thought maybe its restrooms would be worth taking pictures of (!), but no… instead these photos of past female movie stars above the entrance to the ladies’ room caught my eyes. They reminded me of the movie “The Best Offer” in which an eccentric, woman-hater auctioneer has an obsession with collecting female figure paintings for himself and keeping them in a secret room hung up just like the way these pictures are. Have a visit to the restaurant if you’re in the neighborhood. Kind of airy but it’s got  pretty good ambiance.